A Clear Path Forward

Annual Impact Report 2020

SL Program Update

Sustainability Leadership Program.

In evaluating the needs of business during the pandemic, we recognised that the future of business interaction was changing, the landscape of activity was shifting and the dynamic of our environment was morphing.

In the true sense of sustainability, we evaluated our approach to delivering services to our members, the business community and the public at large to determine areas to improve the impacts we wished to make.

Our core program, the Sustainable Business Initiative, underwent a transformation to become completely digital, increase knowledge capacity within our members and connect more businesses with each other. We designed the program in a way that provided businesses with the strategic steps necessary to become truly sustainable businesses. We renamed the program, the Sustainability Leadership Program, providing you with A Clear Path Forward.


Our work with the Bay Area Climate Change Council underlined the need to address our greenhouse gas emissions to support our local, national and international targets to prevent the world from warming beyond 1.5 degrees Celcius.

We worked closely with our members in 2020 to transition them from the Sustainable Business Initiative into the Sustainability Leadership Program, starting in Step 1, addressing their greenhouse gas emissions. We are working with our members and educating the public to help do our part in accelerating the transition to a low-carbon economy while supporting a green recovery.

Step 1.

In the design of our program, our members are working towards measuring their impacts in a credible way. Step 1 starts with measuring greenhouse gas emissions. Our members learn about what is contributing to the climate crisis, how to interpret their consumption information and determine the course of action required.

Through years of practice, we have developed Step 1 in a methodical way that allows our members to take measurable action to reducing their emissions. We start with setting a baseline to anchor our point of comparison for future years of measurement. We have done research based on international standards, global best practices and local approaches to determine science-based targets in intervals that contribute to our local, national and international net-zero targets.


We are so proud to have members who have taken action in 2020, ensuring their business is making significant progress in Step 1. In less than a year of its launch, we have nearly 50% of our members with complete inventories, over 30% with baselines set, and even members who have exceeded our science-based targets, announcing their move to carbon neutrality within the next 10 years!

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