Sustainable Hamilton Burlington is proud to present our new program:

Sustainability Leadership Program (SLP)

Our work continues to support, enhance and promote sustainability among businesses in our communities. With this, we recognise that we are in very different times and the world may never be the same again. However, we also recognise that every challenge can be an opportunity. And this is our opportunity to think about the way in which we operate; the way in which we achieve our purpose. We aim to do that with a fresh look, approach and program: Sustainability Leadership Program!

Sustainable Business Initiative is now the Sustainability Leadership Program!

Our successful member-based program has evolved! Building from the success of our Sustainable Business Initiative, which provided the flexibility for businesses to get involved in sustainability, we are excited to introduce the Sustainability Leadership Program! The SLP provides your business with a guided pathway to becoming a truly sustainable business. Through measurement tools, networking opportunities and educational modules, we believe this approach creates A Clear Path Forward.