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Sustainability Leadership is dedicated to supporting our communities – both businesses and citizens. We do this by producing content that educates you on what it means to be a positive contribution to society. We develop tools and resources to enhance the great work being done. We host events that inspire innovative thinking to push ourselves forward. We connect the beginners with the experienced, the old with the new, the risk-averse with the ambitious, to show you that success is just the beginning. We provide you with the guidance to become more socially, economically and environmentally responsible. We give you the opportunity to become a leader for all of us. 

Use Our Business Climate Action Toolkit (BCAT).

Use our Business Climate Action Toolkit (BCAT) to navigate you on your path to creating a climate-resilient business. 

The BCAT contains dozens of free videos, presentations, reports, case studies, videos, presentations and articles to support your journey. 

Learn about climate change and how to prepare for and prevent the impacts on your business.

Read A Whitepaper.

Understand sustainability better and learn why it’s the answer to long-term business success by reading our monthly blogs and exploring our growing collection of whitepapers. 

Our content breaks down the science to help make sustainability simple for you, featuring case studies and success stories to inspire you. 

Start becoming an asset to your network by sharing these valuable resources!

Course Enrollment Is Now Open.

Looking for a more in-depth learning experience? Take the first course in our Sustainability Leadership Learning Series, “The New Benchmarks for Business”. 

This course is specifically designed for any individual, working professional, business owner or team looking to expand their business success.” 

The New Benchmarks for Business” discusses the top emerging challenges facing society in the 21st century, why businesses should be paying attention, and how they can take action by building resilience, sustainability and justice into their business. Enrollment is open today!

Become a Leader.

If your organisation is ready to advance your sustainability efforts, join the over 50 businesses that have found success in our Sustainability Leadership Program! 

As a Member, you receive exclusive guidance to build or upgrade your business sustainability strategy while gaining credible recognition for your efforts through our 4-step program. Become a leader in your industry and in our community through sustainability! 

The catchment area for organisations looking to join the Sustainability Leadership Program includes the Hamilton, Halton, and Niagara regions. See if your organisation qualifies by contacting us today.

Interested in sustainability, but looking for something more specific? Or, not sure where to begin? Contact us today! We may just have what you’re looking for.