Sustainability Leadership Program.

Why Should You Side with Sustainability for your Business.

Build resilience.
Increase your profitability.
Improve your brand value.
Become a leader in your industry.

Ready to start or even accelerate your sustainability journey but not quite sure where to start? That’s where we come in. If your business is looking for additional guidance or credible recognition of your efforts, our Sustainability Leadership Program might be right for you.

Sustainability Leadership offers a membership-based program for businesses looking to improve their employee engagement, brand value and profitability. As a Sustainability Leadership Program (SLP) Member, your organisation is recognised as a leader in your industry. Our aim is to simplify the process for you. We do this by taking you through a series of Steps with a curated curriculum, customized toolkits, 1 on 1 guidance and access to a network of other businesses. You will connect with like-minded industry leaders and gain third-party recognition for your efforts and successes. We also have exclusive networking events, award ceremonies and collaboration opportunities.

4 Simple Steps.

“What gets measured, gets managed”

We help you understand the framework in which to measure your impacts. We start by focusing on a topic that has global visibility – greenhouse gas emissions. By the end of this Step, you will have a baseline, target, action plan and green team to help you implement your actions and achieve your target.


  • Set GHG Base Year
  • Target & Action Plan
  • Establish Green Team

“Identify Your Impacts”

In Step 2, we expand on the focus of measurement to include all other environmental impacts as well as social and economic impacts. You will begin to understand what aspects of your business contribute most to your business’ success from the perspective of your stakeholders. This will clearly identify what other impacts you should be measuring and managing.


  • Completed Materiality Assessment
  • Material Topics

“Build Integrity”

From the framework learned in Step 1, you will set baselines, targets and action plans for the aspects you identified in Step 2. Using the Global Reporting Initiative framework, you will take this information and consolidate it into a credible, public-facing document to show your stakeholders what you are doing about the aspects they feel are important.


  • Producing a public-facing corporate Sustainability Report

“Act Through The Lens of Sustainability”

Taking your actions a step further, we want to ensure that your business is becoming truly sustainable. We help you integrate and embed sustainability into each facet of your operations, including: policies, job descriptions, performance management, and strategic plans. Your business will be equipped to continue its sustainability journey and build momentum internally.


  • Sustainability as a frame of mind throughout your organisation

Start Now.

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Benefits of Membership

  • Increase profitability
  • Reduce Costs
  • Create Competitive Advantages
  • Implement Efficient Operations
  • Improve Processes & Systems
  • Raise Employee Satisfaction
  • Build a Loyal Customer Base
  • Gain Positive Public Perception
  • Enhance Community Health
  • Be Part of a Thriving Green Economy

Take The First Step With Us.

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Program Overview

Our Sustainability Leadership Program is based on 4 educational and practical tips that will help you apply sustainability into all aspects of your organisation.

Become a Leader in your Industry.

A study by Bain & Company demonstrates that just 2% of companies achieved or exceeded the expectations set in their sustainability programs.

The Sustainability Leadership Program ensures you aren't part of this statistic.

We offer a clear path forward.

Through our 4 step program, global best practices and a holistic approach.


Receive knowledge, skills & resources.

Through educational modules, systematic & efficient frameworks, an Impact Tracking Tool and measuring your progress.

Gain credible third party recognition.

We help you upgrade your brand value and integrity, create accountability & attract loyal customers and employees.


Join a network of local industry champions.

Connect with and learn from other businesses, collaborate with and be empowered by other sustainability leaders & celebrate achievements together.


Accelerate your Journey.

Start your clear path forward today and join dozens of other local business leaders in building  the sustainability momentum and creating change.

Sustainability Leadership Program

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