Sustainability Leadership Learning Series

We offer courses that help businesses take action to build resilience, sustainability and justice into their practices.

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Introduction to The New Benchmarks for Business.

At a Glance:  Introduction to The New Benchmarks for Business helps business professionals explore the crises that have shaped our modern society and how businesses are impacted so that they can take meaningful action to build resilience, sustainability and justice into their business or workplace.               

Certificate of Completion: Yes

Self Paced Learning: Yes


$199.99 CAD


  • Welcome
  • Pre-Course Confidence Assessment
  • Emerging Challenges for Business 
  • Climate Change 
  • The Linear Economy
  • Financial Insecurity
  • Systemic Discrimination
  • Vulnerable Global Systems
  • Lesson 1 Resource List: Emerging Challenges for Business
  • Lesson 1 Quiz
  • Creating Capacity and Direction for Change
  • Creating a Sustainability Committee 
  • Conducting a Materiality Assessment
  • Lesson 2 Resource List: Creating Capacity & Direction for Change
  • Lesson 2 Quiz
  • The New Benchmarks for Business
  • Lesson 3 Quiz
  • Conclusion
  • Post-Course Confidence Assessment
  • The New Benchmarks for Business Course Worksheet

Course Details:                                                                  

45 Minutes of Video Content
2 Resource Bundles
3 Quizzes & 1 Worksheet
-Speak confidently and educate others about the emerging environmental, social and economic challenges affecting the world today. Identify specific risks and opportunities these issues present to your organization.

-Understand the importance and key steps of creating sustainability committees, business stakeholder engagement and materiality assessments.

-Understand the concepts and examples of climate-action & net zero carbon business, zero-waste & the circular economy, corporate social responsibility and business continuity & resilience.

Improve Your Skills
Who is this course meant for?
-Professionals looking to build business resilience and profit margins.

-An impact-driven employee, manager, c-suite executive, or business owner.

-A motivated individual looking to build valuable knowledge and skills.

-Those passionate about social, environmental, and economic business issues.

Stay Ahead
The Sustainability Leadership Learning Series:
Accelerate your learning journey. The Learning Series is comprised of 6 unique courses that aim to help businesses take action to build resilience, sustainability and justice into their practices. Course 1, Introduction to The New Benchmarks for Business, is available now and the remaining 5 courses will be launched consistently over the next few years.
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If you’re an employer looking for particular skills training for your employees, the Ontario Job Grant may be right for you. The Canada-Ontario Job Grant provides financial support to employers who wish to purchase training for their employees. Training such as the Sustainability Leadership Learning Series!

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