Sustainable Business Expo 2022 (SBX22)


The Sustainable Business Expo 2022 (SBX22), is one of Sustainability Leadership’s Signature Events and the Bay Area’s first tradeshow focused on sustainable business.


This event was a showcase for companies on the cutting edge of the new, green economy. Sustainability-minded business professionals came from across Southern Ontario to learn about the latest in technology, best practices and network on the tradeshow floor! This year’s theme was Net-Zero Emissions broken down into three key emitting areas: Buildings, Energy and Transportation. The theme was explored across a keynote presentation, panel discussions and a workshop.


This year, the Sustainable Business Expo 2022 was hosted on November 3, 2022.




We were happy to host the Sustainable Business Expo 2022 at the Hamilton Convention Centre, located at 1 Summers Ln, Hamilton, ON L8P 4Y2. This venue provides a number of transit options, including walking, cycling, public transit and carpooling.




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Industry Executives and Managers

Highly-skilled and knowledgeable professionals that have the technical skills necessary to both navigate and thrive in today’s workforce.

Sustainability Professionals

Individuals on corporate and government levels that have a strong focus on environmental advocacy and sustainable initiatives.

Environmental Organisations

Groups that are accelerating the transition to a resilient and sustainable economy.


Why People Attended:

  • Hear from experts of their respective fields who have technical industry experience.
  • Gain in-depth knowledge beneficial to their business.
  • Meet with new peers and colleagues to foster valuable professional and personal connections.
  • Directly interact with organisations and evaluate products and services beneficial to them. 

Breakfast, lunch, light refreshments and snacks were be provided throughout the day. 


SBX22 Agenda

8:30 AM – Breakfast

Sponsored by CWB

9:00 AM – Opening Remarks

9:30 AM – Keynote

  • The Atmospheric Fund – Ian Klesmer (Director of Strategy and Grants)
  • Conservation Halton – Kim Barrett (Associate Director, Science & Partnerships)

10:30 AM – Break

Sponsored by Hamilton Community Enterprises

11:00 AM – Energy Panel 

  • Green Venture – Moises Albanes *Moderator
  • Hamilton Community Enterprises – Ankur Mehrotra (Research Consultant, Engineering & BD)
  • Rechargeables Inc. – Jeremy Day (President)
  • Walker Industries – Greg Robles (Manager, Innovation & Optimization)

12:00 PM – Lunch

1:00 PM – Transportation Panel

Sponsored by SB Partners

  • LURA Consulting – Liz McHardy *Moderator
  • City of Burlington – Kaylan Edgecumbe (Manager of Integrated Mobility)
  • City of Hamilton – Juby Lee (Sustainable Mobility Program Coordinator)
  • Plug’n Drive – Mary Mallin (Manager, EVents & Logistics)

2:00 PM – Buildings Panel

  • MTE Consultants Inc. – Quynh Chau *Moderator
  • Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) – Rob Edwards (Business Manager, Private Sector)
  • Invizij Architects Inc. – Holland Young (Architectural Designer)
  • Modern Niagara – Pat Carr (Business Development Manager, Energy Solutions)
  • Nerva Energy Group Inc. – Josh Lewis (VP Energy Engineering)

3:00 PM – Break

Sponsored by Invest in Hamilton

3:30 PM – Net-Zero Emissions Workshop

5:00 PM – Closing Remarks

  • City of Hamilton – Trevor Imhoff (Senior Project Manager)

This event is bullfrogpowered with 100% green electricity

Our SBX22 Speakers

Name: Ian Klesmer (Director of Strategy and Grants)
Organisation: The Atmospheric Fund
SBX22 Session: Keynote

Name: Kim Barrett (Associate Director, Science & Partnerships)
Organisation: Conservation Halton
SBX22 Session: Keynote

Name: Moises Albanes (Energy Programs Coordinator)
Organisation: Green Venture
SBX22 Session: Energy (Moderator)

Name: Ankur Mehrotra (Research Consultant, Engineering & BD)
Organisation: Hamilton Community Enterprises
SBX22 Session: Energy

Name: Jeremy Day (President)
Organisation: Rechargeables Inc.
SBX22 Session: Energy

Name: Greg Robles (Manager, Innovation & Optimization)
Organisation: Walker Industries
SBX22 Session: Energy

Name: Liz McHardy (Partner)
Organisation: LURA Consulting
SBX22 Session: Transportation (Moderator)

Name: Kaylan Edgecumbe (Manager of Integrated Mobility)
Organisation: City of Burlington
SBX22 Session: Transportation 

Name: Juby Lee (Sustainable Mobility Program Coordinator)
Organisation: City of Hamilton
SBX22 Session: Transportation 

Name: Mary Mallin (Manager, Events & Logistics)
Organisation: Plug’n Drive
SBX22 Session: Transportation 

Name: Quynh Chau (Project Coordinator)
Organisation: MTE Consultants Inc.
SBX22 Session: Buildings (Moderator)

Name: Rob Edwards (Business Manager, Private Sector)
Organisation: Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO)
SBX22 Session: Buildings

Name: Holland Young (Architectural Designer)
Organisation: Invizij Architects Inc.
SBX22 Session: Buildings

Name: Pat Carr (Business Development Manager, Energy Solutions)
Organisation: Modern Niagara
SBX22 Session: Buildings

Name: Josh Lewis (VP Energy Engineering)
Organisation: Nerva Energy Group Inc.
SBX22 Session: Buildings

Name: Trevor Imhoff (Senior Project Manager)
Organisation: City of Hamilton
SBX22 Session: Closing Remarks

Our SBX22 Sponsors