Water Wise Toolkit.

Introducing the Water Wise Tool Kit in association with Avantu Global

The Water Wise Toolkit, developed in collaboration with Avantu Global, offers businesses an accessible framework for managing water resources effectively. It not only identifies areas for improvement but also provides actionable recommendations, products, and explanatory notes to facilitate implementation. Building upon Sustainability Leadership’s Water Framework, the toolkit seamlessly integrates into the Sustainability Leadership Program, offering members guidance on incorporating water management into their sustainability initiatives. SLP members are encouraged to consult the Water Management Framework for detailed information on reporting metrics outlined in the Global Reporting Initiative disclosures.

April 2024 - Water Wise Tool Kit

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Water scarcity has economic, social and environmental consequences that affect every individual and industry, globally.
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This toolkit acts as an easy to use and apply tool to proactively measure and manage against risks associated with water scarcity, regulatory non-compliance, and reputational damage, contributing to long-term sustainability and operational resilience. In addition it provides the opportunity to think innovatively, seeking new solutions to water management.

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