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Member Profile​

As a sustainable company, Alectra is committed to meeting today’s needs and the needs of future generations by empowering our customers, communities, and employees, protecting the environment, and embracing innovation.

Achieving this commitment is guided by AlectraCARES – the umbrella that guides our efforts according to the three pillars of sustainability – People, Planet, Performance.

We have embedded sustainability principles in our core business strategy and operations in order to create enduring value for customers and the communities we serve.

Sustainability Leadership Program Updates

2020 Annual Impact Report

In 2020, Alectra continued on the path to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 20% below 2016 levels by 2026. To date, the organization has exceeded the target achieving a 23% reduction, with Alectra’s three facilities in Hamilton and St. Catharines logging a 18% reduction. Natural gas consumption continued to decline with the replacement of infrared heaters at the service centres and re-optimizing the Building Automation System.   

Alectra continued to support the community during the pandemic donating personal protective equipment in the form of N95 particulate respirator masks to Niagara Health in St. Catharines.  To further support Niagara Health, Alectra purchased and donated a N95 mask cleaner to allow sanitization and reuse of masks to ensure frontline workers were properly protected. Foodbanks in the communities also received support from corporate donations as well as support form employees.  

2019 Annual Impact Report

In 2019, Alectra set a greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction target of 20% below 2016 levels by 2026. To date, the organization has achieved a 19% reduction, with Hamilton Alectra’s two locations logging a 5% reduction. Alectra Utilities’ head office located at 55 John Street North underwent a renovation where energy efficiency was top of mind – including installation of LED lighting and HVAC retrofits.

Alectra continued to support community sustainability initiatives funding twelve events and eight programs run by not-for-profits and other community organizations. Alectra also provided a two-year, $50,000 partnership with the YWCA to develop their Ottawa Street building.

Alectra also assisted in improving the environmental footprint of Supercrawl and downtown seasonal public art displays. Funded by the City of Hamilton, Alectra installed three power conduits which allowed organizers to eliminate four diesel generators.

2018-2019 Annual Business Report

Alectra’s downtown Hamilton facility has taken advantage of HCE’s District Energy System and reduced our natural gas usage by 63 per cent. Electricity savings have also been found as we continue to improve our processes that were developed to meet the ISO 5001 Energy Management System Certification.

2018-2019 Profile

Alectra conducted a materiality assessment to gather feedback from stakeholders to determine what issues are relevant and significant to them. This helped define what sustainability means to us: As a sustainable company, we are committed to empowering our customers, communities, and employees, protect the environment, and embracing innovation to meet today’s needs and the needs of future generations.

AlectraCARES Community Support Program has supported over 24 non-profit organizations in Hamilton to help foster a healthy, diverse, and sustainable community.

We provided Mohawk College with the use of a decommissioned substation for students to learn about transformers, switchgear and substations in a life-like working environment.

Alectra has continued to support businesses and residents in Hamilton by helping customers reduce their energy consumption totaling 34,000,000 kWh, the equivalent of taking 3,786 homes off the grid for a year.

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