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In 2019, our Sustainability Report uses the new GRI Standards framework, having updated our format from GRI G4 in 2018 and using the resources provided by SHB. The 2019 report discusses the challenges and opportunities that we face as we strive for excellent performance in the areas that are most important to our stakeholders. While this version of the report will remain for internal use only and circulated to SHB, highlights from the 2019 Sustainability Report will be integrated into the larger HHS public Community Report set to be published mid to late 2020. Compared to our 2016 baseline, in 2019 HHS has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by over 10,000 tonnes. These reductions have been achieved through a number of energy efficiency projects including LED re-lamping, air handling unit damper optimization, and installing occupancy detection technology. The greatest GHG reductions have been observed at McMaster University Medical Centre which would be attributed to changing production patterns at our cogeneration facility. Our goal is to sustain this reduction over time and against external factors such as weather.
Hamilton Health Sciences is the largest employer in the Greater Hamilton region. We onboarded with Sustainable Hamilton Burlington in September of 2017 and continue to report through the Sustainable Business Initiative annually. Prior to onboarding with SHB, HHS had set a goal of a 20% reduction in GHG emissions by 2020 with a baseline set in 2016 (as per MOECP requirements). Since becoming SHB members some Environmental Leads at HHS have been trained in GRI sustainability reporting, we have conducted a materiality assessment, and we have benefited from SHB events and workshops.
In 2018, we expanded the scope of our GRI report to include social indicators, engaging a number of HR portfolio managers and Vice President into the reporting process. Looking forward into 2019, Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) is gearing up our communications and engagement plan about our corporate environmental sustainability efforts as well as enhancing our existing education modules to include more robust education. With the continued support of SHB, we plan to widen the breadth of corporate sustainability knowledge here at HHS, and begin to include leaders and front line staff into the SHB education events.

Prior to onboarding with SHB, HHS had set a goal of a 20% reduction in emissions by 2020 with a baseline set in 2016 (as per MOECC requirements). As you can see in the bar graph, we have had success reducing our emissions in 2017, but have seen a slight increase over baseline numbers in 2018.

Since onboarding with SHB in September of 2017, some Environmental Sustainability Leads at HHS have been trained in Verisae, we have conducted a materiality assessment, are finalizing our annual report, and have benefited from a number of events and workshops.

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