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SLP Update
Invizij has just joined SBI! We intend to complete our first B Impact Assessment in order that we may better understand where and how we can improve our business.
At Invizij Architects, imaginative design emerges from a grounded, hands-on approach to meeting real-world challenges. We aim to not only take care of our clients’ needs, but accept the growing responsibility we have as designers to help create sustainable communities where everyone can flourish. Invizij is a Canadian leader in adopting Passive House design principles, creating award-winning projects that are net-zero-ready with minimal additional capital costs. These projects are achieving global 2030 carbon emissions reduction targets, making them future-ready now with significantly lower operations costs and eliminating the need for future upgrades and retrofits to meet climate targets. Architecture shapes our every-day experience of the world around us, and our impact on it, so we have a responsibility to create buildings that make the world a better place. We design to inspire people and places for the long run, empowering them to use buildings to create the benefits they want for their communities.

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