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In 2019 with the hiring of our new CEO McMaster Innovation Park saw a new vision unveiled and a radical shift in the parks mission. With the acquisition of the former Westinghouse/Camco property at 606 Aberdeen Ave, the recent purchase of the former Spectator building at 44 Frid St. and the start of construction of the exciting new Gowlings building at the corner of Longwood Rd. and Frid St. MIP is positioning itself to be a leader in supporting advanced medical /life science, hybrid/autonomous vehicle and all the other unique research projects ongoing. We are working closely with consultants to further develop our solar water and PV systems and are working with McMaster University researchers on an integrated thermal energy storage system to capture all waste heat generated from the park and store in our Geo- field which is already in planning for expansion. Our district energy system is also under expansion to accommodate tie in’s to our new buildings and to work towards our ZERO carbon plan.
As McMaster Innovation Park embarks on its new strategic mission of supporting innovation and upcoming start ups with its expansion plans, we will also be looking to support innovation in sustainability and energy conservation as we build and retrofit across the park. Our Carbon Zero plan will incorporate many new initiatives in the research stages, and we look forward to presenting them to the community in the future.
2018 was a year of growth, change and a new vision for McMaster Innovation Park and its partnership with Sustainable Hamilton Burlington. Initiatives include completion of a Co-Gen Facility in our District Energy System and system upgrades at our Leeds Platinum building at 183 Longwood Road to ensure it continues to achieve the highest standards. Continuous improvements took place across the park with upgraded speed drives for major air handling units and major electrical equipment improvements as lifecycle requirements allowed. The use of trend data from our building automation system allowed for an enhanced occupancy schedule that controlled heating and lighting to further reduce energy needs.
As McMaster Innovation Park continues its expansion in the future we look forward to collaborating with Sustainable Hamilton Burlington. 2018 also saw the proud tradition of McMaster Innovation Park involved in continuing community service: Work with Habitat for Humanity on the Wilson street project, the wildly successful Art in the Workplace events, Food drives, Hosting the Bay Area Science & Engineering Fair are some of the many opportunity’s the Innovation Park staff enjoyed taking part in.

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