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(The text below originally appeared in the 2017-2018 Annual Business Report)

Midfield Interactive is proud to be involved with Sustainable Hamilton Burlington. Through the use of the B Lab Assessment we have been able to learn more about sustainability areas where we are above the industry average, and areas that we have the opportunity to improve. We scored well on the sections regarding our employees and the steps we take to ensure our employees are set up for success. We know Midfield is a great place to work, but now we have it in writing!

The B Lab assessment has also illuminated some ways that we can be more valuable to our community. We look forward to executing initiatives that benefit the people we work with, the place we do business, and the industry as a whole.


(The text below originally appeared in the 2017-2018 Annual Business Report)

This year was a perfect example of keeping sustainability as a core focus of our operations. This year Midfield was presented with a series of challenges to overcome that took a significant amount of focus and determination from the entire team. We were able to work through these challenges and have a strong and successful finish to our year. Midfield was in a position to grow and change, and with that we have created two new positions that will be instrumental in the way that we work together as a team to build and execute our marketing initiatives. Even during very busy times, we knew it was important to make sustainability work for us, and keep it top of mind as we moved forward with new marketing campaigns.

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