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Member Profile

REfficient helps telecom companies to be efficient with resources by providing a reuse and recycling marketplace. Founded in 2010, the company today has a customer base spanning 15 countries. Hamilton’s first Certified B Corp in 2012, REfficient has been named six times to the “Best for the World” list for the company’s positive environmental impact. Over the last several years, REfficient has ensured 65,000+ items have been diverted annually from landfill and kept into productive reuse.

Sustainability Leadership Program Updates

2020 Annual Impact Report

Despite the pandemic, REfficient has a strong year in 2020 as the need for telecom services grew. We reported strong interest in refurbished telecom equipment both domestically and globally. In 2020, we took a major step towards our commitment of being carbon neutral by 2023. 

We partnered with Mohawk College to create a plan and purchase carbon offsets in the Escarpment Biosphere Conservancy. As a result, Mohawk students also received an educational seminar about carbon offsets and how they preserve old growth forests. As almost all of our team initiatives were impacted this year, we made financial contributions to 3 causes instead. 

2019 Annual Impact Report

REfficient ensured over 150,000 products were reused in 2019. The company’s online channels, including, continued to reach new customers globally and increase reuse. Argentina and Hungary specifically became major customer locations. Climate-related activities also played a greater role in 2019. 

Carbon offsets were purchased for all business flights and staff were given paid leave to attend the Global Climate Strike in September. Staff also supported the local community by volunteering twice during the year for the Mission Service’s food bank. Finally, we made steps to understand how REfficient could become carbon neutral and made a declaration in January 2020 to be carbon neutral by 2023.

2018-2019 Annual Business Report

When we look back at 2018, it was a year that we focused on executing our previously established programs. A large reason was that our CEO and leader of sustainability initiatives took maternity leave for a portion of the year. We did however launch a few new initiatives. 

One new notable program was the establishment of our RE program, where companies can drop off a wide range of electronics-based equipment for reuse and recycling. We also made changes in our marketing by launching a website to enable companies globally to buy products for reuse and reflect the ever-increasing trend of online buying.

2018-2019 Profile

REfficient ensure over 190,000 products were reused in 2018, almost triple previous years. The company launched a free RE program, where companies can drop off any type of electronics-based equipment for reuse or recycling. REfficient launched new marketing initiatives, including a new website as well as for customers to shop online and improve reuse rates. The company volunteered as a team for Environment Hamilton, maintaining the community gardens, and made a charitable contribution to two organizations. Staff underwent training for governance and marketing in 2018.

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