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(The text below originally appeared in the 2017-2018 Annual Business Report)

In 2017, Walterfedy joined the SBI. They will complete Verisae Carbon Accounting Tool training as a next step and will include a new employee that performs data modeling. Walterfedy has an internally developed software that tracks employee commute data, and they have been working with their landlord to obtain utility data to contribute to a GHG baseline. Walterfedy would like to use point of use electrical meters to track equipment to support reliable estimations in their current building. Their experience in the SBI so far has created awareness of data constraints and about how they would set up monitoring for success in the future.


(The text below originally appeared in the 2017-2018 Annual Business Report)

WalterFedy (WF) has an internal Sustainable Advisory Committee and a Community Initiative Committee with a mandate to develop various initiatives that have a positive impact on employees, the local community and environment. The Hamilton location continues to track employee commuting habits on a weekly basis to understand the impact on the companies carbon footprint and propose targeted internal initiatives for reduction. Initiatives have included “bike-to-work week” and potential corporate membership to Sobi Hamilton bike share. WF Hamilton is a recently established location within the past two years and during that time has teamed up with the Port Authority for community garbage clean-up in local parks in support of City Kidz, taken part in a community build for Habitat for Humanity and organized a holiday food drive for Hamilton Food Share.

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