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Senior Manager, Sustainability KMPG LLP
Tom Darling

“Volunteering at Sustainable Hamilton Burlington helped me land the sustainability career opportunity I had been seeking. As a volunteer I learned about CSR reporting, key sustainability indicators and the very important concepts of stakeholder engagement and materiality when making sustainability-based management decisions. This experience led me to my current position in the sustainability department, and the skills I picked up are now featured prominently in my CV”

“Volunteering with Sustainable Hamilton Burlington was a unique and exciting opportunity. During my time volunteering I was able to learn more about sustainable practices and work with a group of dedicated and passionate volunteers working towards the same goal of promoting sustainability. I have been able to take the skills and knowledge I have gained through my experience and continue to draw on them in my career.”

Water Resources Planner
City of Calgary
Sarah Christensen

If you’re looking for an important way to contribute your time to the community,
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You want to make a difference in the world. “Be the change” – as they say. We like that about our volunteers. In fact, our work wouldn’t be possible without our wonderful driven, committed volunteers.

If you are an individual with an interest in sustainability and you have the time and passion to contribute to this exciting endeavour, we have a place for you.

If you’re a post-secondary student looking to learn more about sustainability or you wish to put your studies into practice, we have many opportunities for you to contribute to research, program development, event management and more!

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