Annual Impact Report 2020

Sustainability Leadership Awards.

Sustainability Leadership Awards.

These awards recognize Members who have best met our criteria for the implementation of an initiative based on innovation and significant impact or effective sustainability reporting, as decided by our third-party judging panel (see acknowledgments to learn more about the panel).

"Every circumstance can either hinder or enhance your actions."

Rafiq Dhanji, Executive Director

It is our individual and collective responsibility to embrace the power we hold in progressing the people and the planet towards resilient and sustainable identities. The present moment always holds an opportunity for action and it is inevitable that we must participate in order to reduce our vulnerability from arising obstacles and build long-term success.

Optimising our current approaches should include using our hardships as motivation and adapting our systems and processes with sustainable solutions. Sustainability is the only true solution to building a successful business model as it considers the most inclusive approach to environmental, economic and social struggles we all face. 

By evolving our thinking, realigning our values and recreating our plans for action, we will all become credible and recognized industry leaders in sustainability. 

The following award submissions and winners reflect this motive. We believe each of the organisations submitting a project or initiative, optimised upon their circumstances, built opportunities and demonstrated a positive, impactful and true sustainability.

Economic Initiative.

The Economic Initiative award recognises a Member who has implemented an initiative that has a significant impact on economic sustainability, local development or corporate governance within the organization or the region in 2020. 

Examples include: local job creation, local procurement and local skill building & training.


Conservation Halton (WINNER)
Reserved Access Initiative

Social Initiative.

The Social Initiative award recognises a Member who has implemented an initiative that has a significant impact on people, whether within the company or in the community, in 2020. 

Examples include: human resource policies, community relations and volunteer work.


Mask Sanitizer Donation Project

Nerva Energy                                                                                                                                                                          Cleaner Air for Schools Program

Royal Botanical Gardens                                                                                                                                                        Green Angels Financial Assistance Program

Hamilton Health Sciences  (WINNER)                                                                                                                            COVID-19 Resilience & Mental Health Response Project

Environmental Initiative.

The Environmental Initiative award recognises a Member who has implemented an initiative that has a significant impact on the environment in 2020. 

Examples Include: reducing carbon outputs, reducing consumption, increasing biodiversity, and waste diversion.


Hamilton Health Sciences
Hand Sanitizer Refill Project

Hamilton Health Sciences                                                                                                                                      Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Recycling Project

Hillfield Strathallan College                                                                                                                                          Willow Landing Project

Hamilton Health Sciences                                                                                                                                              Energy & Emissions Reduction Project

Royal Botanical Gardens  (WINNER)                                                                                                                                Scented Gardens Permeable Pavers Project

Best Sustainability Report.

The Best Sustainability Report award recognises the sustainability report that best meets the criteria set out by the Global Reporting Initiative for effective sustainability reporting.

This framework creates a consistent experience for users to understand what is being reported, why those topics were chosen and how they were measured. It also tells the story of what happened, where a business currently stands and how they plan to address the impacts going forward. 


Hamilton Health Sciences  (WINNER)                                                                                                                            Best Sustainability Report

Overall Sustainability Leadership.

This award recognizes Members who have incorporated a holistic, triple bottom-line approach to their overall business – from overall strategy to day-to-day implementation.

The Criteria for this award is as follows:

  • Sustainability is clearly incorporated into their core operating philosophy or strategy
  • Key decision-making and corporate policies integrate environmental, social and economic considerations
  • Their sustainability commitment is well communicated to all internal and external stakeholders


mcCallumSather  (WINNER)                                                                                                                                                  Overall Sustainability Leadership Award