Message From Leadership

On behalf of our staff and Board, we are pleased to bring to you our 2019 Annual Impact Report. This year’s edition will focus on events from the 2019 calendar year, which is a bit of a departure from previous years. We have also renamed the Annual Business Report the Annual Impact Report to highlight the fact that our members’ actions are making a meaningful impression on the community and environment. Having made the decision to postpone our annual Evening of Recognition as an early measure to keep our staff and membership safe, and despite the emergency declarations that followed, SHB has been able to pivot quickly and produce this report as planned. Many thanks to all members, staff and volunteers who contributed to putting this report together in these unprecedented times.

2019 was a terrific year for our members that was filled with new sustainability initiatives, goal setting, and informative events. The City of Hamilton pledged a whopping 50% GHG reduction by 2030 from their measured 2005 baseline, while the City of Burlington committed 100% GHG reduction by 2040 against their 2008 baseline! REfficient, another member, achieved their 40% GHG reduction target early and decided to take it a step further by going carbon neutral by 2023! We are thrilled to see such a high level of sustainability leadership within our membership. Within SHB, we were fortunate to welcome back Founder Sandi Stride as Strategic Advisor to guide a shift in leadership as Rafiq took on the role of Acting Executive Director (the ‘acting’ now dropped). Their collaboration culminating with the tremendously successful Sustainable Business Expo (SBX) in November.

Although eclipsed by the current world pandemic, 2019 was also witness to incredible challenges. Wildfires raged across Western North America and Australia, and devastated the rainforests of the Amazon. The Ontario Government cancelled a much needed and long- planned LRT project in Hamilton. On the positive side, Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg rallied an estimated 6 million people in over 150 countries to strike in the name of climate change awareness. Institutionally, Bank of England Governor Mark Carney called for the need of a new, sustainable financial system that would be capable of combating the effects of climate change. These are positive signs that will hopefully accelerate change.

With young, bright sustainability leaders and volunteers, we are optimistic about Sustainable Hamilton Burlington’s future. We are actively planning for a post-pandemic world where SHB will have an increased presence in the community and will continue to act as a catalyst for positive change.

As you read this year’s report, we urge you to reflect on the impacts created by the actions of our members. As we have all witnessed these past few months, a microscopic organism can bring the global economy to a halt. Any action, big or small, can make a change.

May 2020

Rafiq Dhanji

Executive Director

Brian Paré

Chair of the Board


SBI Members Updates

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SBI Members Updates

Click the image above to learn more about the work our members are doing in their own operations and and in the community


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