Annual Impact Report 2022

Build Momentum.

Build Momentum.

Over the years, we have seen a big shift towards more thoughtful and conscientious approaches to conducting business, taking into consideration our environmental and societal impacts. With employees looking for more meaningful work and workplaces that better support their lifestyle, businesses who haven’t made the shift are now being forced to consider sustainability more seriously. Customers now expect companies to align with their values of social and environmental responsibility, leading to a greater demand for businesses that demonstrate such commitments. This shift requires companies to meet higher standards and prioritise sustainability and ethical practices to attract and retain customers. Businesses are left with little choice – help make our world a better place, or be left behind.

When it comes to business sustainability, it can be daunting to decide where to start or what to prioritise. Should the focus be on internal aspects like waste reduction, fuel and energy conservation, and responsible water consumption? Or perhaps on operations to improve employee morale, establish fair and equitable compensation, and foster a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion? Alternatively, should the emphasis be on external factors such as collaborating with local suppliers, engaging the community and providing volunteer opportunities? One thing is certain: the world is now paying closer attention to the actions of businesses than ever before.

Over the years, we have worked closely with more than 50 local businesses to support their sustainability journey. The businesses that are quickest to begin taking action toward sustainability are led with the passion and fire of a small group of employees, sometimes just one person, which is truly inspiring to see. However, sustained action is only truly achieved when the work is shared, perspective is diverse and support comes from every angle. Together everyone achieves more.

In 2022, we conducted an analysis of different shipping methods across Canada to determine which would be least impactful. In the comparison between diesel and electric semi trucks, we found electric to reduce emissions by more than 10x! Considering the limited availability of electric semi trucks, we also took rail transportation into account. The findings were remarkable, as rail transport was found to generate only slightly higher emissions than electric semi trucks, or nearly 10 times fewer emissions compared to diesel semi trucks.

This research supported the notion that was further discussed at the Sustainable Business Expo 2022 – we already have everything we need to begin substantially improving our impacts. You can read more about our findings in our latest whitepaper – Net-Zero Barriers & Opportunities in Canada.

The little actions we have been taking are beginning to accumulate. The results are beginning to show. The ball is rolling. It’s time to take the next step to make greater change. It’s time to Build Momentum.