Annual Impact Report 2022

Message from Leadership.

Message From Leadership.

On behalf of our staff, volunteers, and Board, we are proud to bring you our 2022 Annual Impact Report. For those of us who pay close attention to climate change and sustainability related news, it has been another wild year. With 2022 being the fifth hottest year on record, and increasing numbers of climate-fueled disasters (costing $165 Billion in the USA alone), it is easy to get discouraged. Terms such as eco-anxiety, climate doom and environmental existential dread have entered the lexicon and are very real feelings for a lot of us. Michael Jacobs’ book, The Green Economy, released in 1991 outlined the causes and solutions to climate change related problems. We’ve had more than 30 years to meet these challenges, yet it always seems that humanity continues to spin its wheels when it comes time to act.

The good news is that there are many, very smart individuals and companies who are working hard individually and collectively to effect positive change. From the lofty goals of harnessing the boundless energy of nuclear fusion to Germany’s expansion of their wind and solar program, to our own country continuing to set strong goals for emissions reductions.

What more can we do? I asked everybody’s fun-favourite AI bot, ChatGPT, what can be done to halt climate change. Other than the usual suggestions to reduce carbon emissions and to support renewable energy, it also recommended that businesses “join industry groups and initiatives that support climate action”. And with that, our existence as a helpful organization has been validated!

Our AIR theme this year is ‘Building Momentum’ and we realize that momentum can build both ways – negative and positive. Negative momentum stems from poverty, inequality, conflict, and climate related disasters. Positive momentum is generated by the majority of the population made up of individuals, businesses, and climate action agencies working together to encourage needed change. Sustainability Leadership plays a key role in strategically guiding our membership through well-informed data-driven objectives in their sustainability goals. Sharing successes with other members of the community will inspire positive momentum. Together, we will collectively build the needed momentum to overcome the opposing negative forces. We are proud of Sustainability Leadership’s members and their continued commitment. We are honoured to help you build momentum.

Rafiq Dhanji

Executive Director

Brian Paré

Chair of the Board

2022-2023 Board of Directors

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Tonia Sawchuk


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Li Cheng


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